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If you turn to close protection Acquastop ,
We will ask you beforehand to take a photo of the type of opening to be protected, the dimensions, the type of surface on which the partition will be in contact.
The correct choice of equipment requires a study of the place and some reliable measurements.

The illustration belaow will help you to provide us with the necessary informations in order to deliver and / or place a custom partition.

Needed informations:

A : Width between walls of the opening (the Extesa model can be adapted up to + 10cm).
B : Height to be protected from flood water
C : Doorstep type. Whether or not a flat profile should be provided on the doorstep to ensure better sealing.

D :Should Lateral profiles be provided to improve the seal?

F : Does the door open inwards or outwards? If opening is outwards, the partition must be offset, with installation of supports to allow the installation of the Acquastop barrier.

G : Is there enough space to install the partition, can it rest on the door frame? Are the walls plumb?
Send us one or more photos can help us

For installations of larger dimensions and / or heights, requiring the installation of MODULIGHT or MODULAR we strongly recommend the passage of our specialized technicians to carry out all the necessary readings.

Ifthe ground is not level:

In the event of sloping ground, we must make a topographical survey as shown opposite. The length of 2500cm is only given as an example. We can adapt ACQUASTOP partitions to this type of terrain
Relevé topographique